Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Our offices are located at 60 Revere Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062  800-966-8728

How big is Gray’s Travel?     How long have you been in business?
We are one of the largest travel management companies in the Midwest Region. Gray’s Travel has been in business for nearly three decades!  We have excellent relationships with our supplier partners and the entities we do business with. We recognize for the supplier relationships to be successful, we have to work together in good faith.

What CRS system do you use?
We use the Sabre CRS . Sabre is by far the most widely used and technologically advanced CRS system in the world. In addtion to personal one-on-one service, Gray’s offers online booking which is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Travelers can book flights, hotels and cars online, anytime, anywhere.

Where is your customer base?
Our customer base is a diverse mix of Financial Services, Entertainment, Sports, Consulting and Manufacturing firms. We handle travel for our clients worldwide.

Do you only do corporate travel?
While we specialize in corporate travel, we are a full service agency. We have a separate leisure division to handle your vacation travel.

What is the average experience and tenure of your travel counselors?
The least experienced agent has 10 years of experience.  This experience is critical for providing knowledgeable advice and understanding all of the “tricks of the trade”.

Our breadth of knowledge provides our clients with clout that other agencies cannot match.  We use that experience and knowledge to save clients money. Our agents are empowered to contact the sales offices of the airlines, hotels, and car rental companies to ask for favors that benefit our clients.

  • All employees – average time with Gray’s:  12 years 3 months
  • Corporate agents only – with Gray’s:  8 years 6 months
  • Least experienced corporate agent:  10 years experience
  • Average corporate travel experience:  16 years experience

Do you offer online booking? 

Yes!  From our perspective online booking is one of several methods available to our clients to book travel.  Some people enjoy the control of booking their travel themselves, others don’t.   We offer solutions for either type of person via customized online booking tools based on the Getthere or Concur platform.

Most importantly, once travel is booked, regardless of the method of booking, we employ the same techniques and strategies to help our clients save money.

Once your traveler completes the record and clicks “buy”, it is queued to Gray’s Travel Management for review.

We don’t just ticket the record!  We review it for problems.  If we can clear a lower airfare on the same flights, we’ll try to do that.  If we can offer a lower cost solution that appears reasonable, we’ll contact the traveler and give them options to save money.  If we can clear a better seat assignment, we’ll do that.  If we can clear a lower priced hotel room than what was booked, we’ll do that.  These are all of the same processes we use if our agent books the travel or if your traveler books it.

We then ticket the record and capture the revenue data for your monthly airline performance reports and monthly corporate reports.

Our competitors take a different approach.  They do not feel the need to analyze the record to find cost saving alternatives.  Their view is, “You booked it, you saw the price, and you clicked “buy,” meaning you are willing to pay the price the computer gives you.  Our approach is different.  We take the time to look for alternatives.

Tell me about Corporate Reports.  How frequently are reports provided?
Gray’s Travel Management’s reporting capabilities are among our strongest traits.  Our owners are Certified Public Accountants who utilize their experience and knowledge to assist our corporate customers in achieving the most reliable data available for managing travel costs.

We offer a flexible, customized management information program that is tailored to your needs.  We currently run over 600 custom reports monthly or as needed on an ad-hoc basis.

Whether the travel is booked online or by a travel consultant, all facets of each travel itinerary are captured in our back-office management reporting system.  We hold data in our system for 24 months.  From this system we’re able to meet the information needs of our clients.

Do you operate as a call center? What kind of telecommunications technology do you employ there and how will it enhance service for travelers?
We do not operate a “call center”.  Dedicated agents will handle your account.  A receptionist not an automatic phone attendant answers our calls.  We do not allow calls to sit “on hold”.  You will either be connected to a back-up agent, or will receive a call back, you tell us what you prefer.

Can your counselors readily access Web fares and non-GDS inventories?
Yes, they can and do.

Do you provide special airline services for travelers, including seat clearance and upgrades?
We consistently offer services to our travelers that include some or all of the following:

  • Open blocked seat assignments
  • Make changes quickly before or during travel
  • Monitor traveler upgrades
  • Waitlist space on preferred flights
  • Clear VIP’s for upgrade when space is not available
  • Arrange for VIP meet and greets at airports
  • Provide domestic and international upgrades

Do you offer a corporate hotel program?
Gray’s Travel Management is a member of three hotel consortia.  These represent over 60,000 properties with strong discounts for our clients’ benefit.  These rates are in our GDS system.  Our programs offer rates well below normal corporate rates and often below individually negotiated rates..

In addition to using our consortia rates, we’ll assist you with negotiating preferred rates with specific properties in your heavily traveled cities.

How do you handle competitive faring of international itineraries?
We hire experienced consultants.  They take the time to price records in multiple ways.  They don’t just accept what the GDS system says is the price.  They have attended airline faring classes; they consult airline international rate desks.  We work with clients that travel all across the world using around the world fares, circle pacific fares, specialty multi-Euro country passes, etc.  We are industry experts, with extraordinary knowledge of international itineraries.

Does your company offer leisure services? 
Yes, we offer full service leisure travel.  Our corporate customers using our leisure group have access to certain discounts and travel benefits depending upon each respective itinerary

Do you have a 24-hour emergency service?  Is it available to assist travelers globally?
Our office in Northbrook is open from 8am-7pm Central Time Monday through Friday.  Dedicated agents with a minimum of 10 years corporate experience will handle your account.  After 7pm calls are serviced by our after-hours service, which is available 24/7 from over 70 countries worldwide.  This service has access to our internal computer system and corporate profiles to ensure continuity and seamless emergency travel services.