Our Team

Seasoned Professionals.

The least experienced agent has 10 years of experience. This experience is critical for providing knowledgeable advice and understanding all of the “tricks of the trade”.

Our breadth of knowledge provides our clients with clout that other agencies cannot match. We use that experience and knowledge to save clients money. Our agents are empowered to contact the sales offices of the airlines, hotels, and car rental companies to ask for favors that benefit our clients.

  • All employees – average time with Gray’s: 12 years 3 months
  • Corporate agents only – with Gray’s: 8 years 6 months
  • Least experienced corporate agent: 10 years experience
  • Average corporate travel experience: 16 years experience

Our staff separates us from our competition.

Our clients want one-on-one, personalized service. They want to work with agents that are dedicated to them – not a pool of agents with whom they work. We get to know your travel preferences and travel patterns while establishing a rapport with you.

We’ll take whatever time necessary to complete each transaction thoroughly and completely. You’ll know you are obtaining the lowest price possible.

Other travel management companies hire inexperienced agents to hold down their costs. Then they overload them with volume. They can’t possibly find the best fares because they’re pressured to move on to the next call.

We are not “order-takers.” We keep pushing the airlines for favors and waivers. We keep looking for creative ways to structure itineraries to save money. Our agents thrive on the challenge of finding lower-cost alternatives. It’s more expensive to operate this way, but our clients benefit because they pay far less for their air travel.

Gray’s Travel Management has full-time receptionists answering every telephone call. Your travelers will never go into an automated system working through a phone tree, waiting to be helped. Our clients want immediate access to their experienced, dedicated agent, and they get it!

We consistently deliver outstanding personal service levels.