President’s Message

Fellow business executives,

Gray’s Travel Management has been serving corporations and their travelers for nearly 30 years. The travel industry during those three decades has been as tumultuous as any industry.

We’ve lived through the hand-written ticket days. We’ve lived through “deregulation of the airlines” and the ensuing “Super Saver Fares” that flooded the market in the 80’s.

We’ve lived through the crazy pricing strategies introduced and subsequently abandoned by the airlines. We’ve lived through the endless airline mergers and bankruptcies.

We’ve lived through the “age of automation”, and the awe-inspiring “electronic ticket”.

We’ve lived through the self-check-in kiosks and unending issues with security, homeland security and TSA.

We’ve lived through sky-rocketing fuel costs, elimination of agency commissions, and we’re currently living through the plethora of “baggage fees, airport fees, security fees.” You name it and they’ve got a fee for it!

Indeed, we have lived through a lot! And I’m positive that more changes are ahead for this industry!

So, how do corporations deal with all this? If they’re savvy, they’ll leave it to Gray’s Travel Management.

We understand that travel management is a service business. Our dedication to quality service is the reason our clients come to us and stay with us!

We assign a dedicated account team of seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of your travel needs and are available when you need them.

We work hard on your behalf, so you can concentrate on your business strategies and leave your travel management and planning in our hands.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to serving your travel needs.

All the best,

Glen P. Stewart