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Passport Information
This U.S. State Department site allows you to download passport applications, find your nearest passport office and foreign entry requirements!

Change in International Travel Requirements
US Department of State
Before you travel, learn the entry requirements of the foreign country you are traveling to. All travelers to and from the Americas, the Caribbean, and Bermuda are required to have a valid passport that establishes the bearer’s identity and nationality in order to enter or re-enter the United States.

Visa Information
Need to apply for an entry Visa into a foreign country? Check out this site; it is one of our preferred vendors.

Birth Certificate Information
Information on how to obtain your birth certificate.


Health Warnings
A wealth of information regarding destination immunization requirements, disease outbreaks and vaccines

Travel Warnings from the US Department of State
Learn where the hotspots are and what countries to avoid and which countries to be careful of in this US State Department Website. Find out about the change in international travel requirements.

US Department of Homeland Security
A federal agency whose primary mission is to help prevent, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism on United States soil.

Flight Information

Flight Status
Wondering whether your flight is delayed? See this website for up to date flight delays.

TSA/Transportation Security Information
Concerned about wait times at airport security, wearing the right shoes, or security check-in procedures? Take a look at the TSA website.

Federal Aviation Administration
Onboard safety instructions regulations and tips for more comfortable travel.

Baggage Information
Free search tool for flight-specific baggage information. Detailed baggage allowance information is available on all routes and ticket classes for over 100 airlines.

General Information

General Travel Hints
Want to know some basic travel rules and hints? Check out this page.

Destination Information

World Travels Destination Guide
An online travel guide with comprehensive information on hundreds of countries and cities around the world.

Maps and Directions
Get the directions, print the directions, and take them with you. City Information
Want information about what to do and where to eat? Here are some details about daily life in a dozen U.S. cities and several outside the U.S.

Currency Converter

Weather Information

National Weather Service
Local weather forecasts by city and state

Dining Information

Restaurant Guide
Not sure where to eat? Don’t know what’s good and what’s not? Here is the place to find out.

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