Online Booking

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From our perspective online booking is one of several methods available to our clients to book travel.

Some people enjoy the control of booking their travel themselves, others don’t. We offer solutions for either type of person.

Most importantly, once travel is booked, regardless of the method of booking, we employ the same techniques and strategies to help our clients save money.

Once your traveler completes the record and clicks “buy”, it is queued to Gray’s Travel Management for review.

We don’t just ticket the record! We review it for problems. If we can clear a lower airfare on the same flights, we’ll try to do that. If we can offer a lower cost solution that appears reasonable, we’ll contact the traveler and give them options to save money. If we can clear a better seat assignment, we’ll do that. If we can clear a lower priced hotel room than what was booked, we’ll do that. These are all of the same processes we use if our agent books the travel or if your traveler books it.

We then ticket the record and capture the revenue data for your monthly airline performance reports and monthly corporate reports.

Our competitors do not feel the need to analyze the record to find cost saving alternatives. Their view is, “You booked it, you saw the price, and you clicked “buy,” meaning you are willing to pay the price the computer gives you.

Our approach is different. We take the time to look for alternatives.